Hailing from Entwhistle Alberta, Cynthia has been singing nearly her entire life. After moving to Vancouver, she joined a choir and honed her vocal talents in public. Upon moving to Toronto she teamed up with local techno artist and producer, Measuring Man, and performed a cover of Stevie Wonder's hit "Pastime Paradise" for his debut CD. The song gain instant local airplay and notoreity.

Her debut CD "Sweet Like Poison" came out on the now defunct Speed Dog Records in 1997. She garnered critical acclaim in Toronto and followed up her succesfull debut with "Miracle" in 1999. She performed extensively around the Toronto area during those years. Including several festivals like the Toronto Acid Jazz Festival, and the Toronto Women In Music Festival. She performed for fund rasing shows for Ryerson Radio CKLN, long time fans and supporters of hers, at the Bamboo Club. She even perfomed in for a local film festival opening.

The new century saw a slow down in her performing and music output. However, her music was featured heavily in The CBC series Edgemont. With the series syndication to the US and France, Cynthia is now a world wide artist.

After a lengthy hiatius, Cynthia is poised to release new material in 2006. She is currently working on at least one album of new material with long time collaborator Measuring Man. The new sound promises to be a more acoustic take on her old sound. As well, more current re-works of some of her old popular songs will be available for fans very soon.

September, 2005

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